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Project overview : Our client is a leading Energy company wanted to reduce the energy cost for the industrial and tertiary sectors, as well as to mitigate the energy sectors impact on the local and the global environment.

Work approach : The project team facilitated 100 interviews with  Admin Professionals and Business Managers across USA. The average length of the interview was 25 minutes.

Project overview : Our client wanted to conduct a study in USA to identify and understand the organization’s renewable energy needs and energy efficiency  financing needs.

Work approach : The team conducted online surveys with around 200 business leaders across different organizations. The interviews were approximately 20 minutes in length.

Project overview : Our client was a leading knowledge services company and wanted us to conduct a study on the business & supply chain challenges faced by a Singapore based high tech & electronics companies who move components and/or finished goods in & out of the country in support of their global supply chain operations.

Work approach : The team interviewed 50 Key Managers & above with a logistics or distribution role as well as Supply Chain or Supply Chain planning roles working with companies based in Singapore to gather their insights.

Project overview : The client was a leading Audit & Advisory firm and wanted to conduct this annual study to understand current trends in the automotive industry in APAC.

Work approach : The team interviewed more than 60 top executives (Director level & 1-level down) from leading automotive manufacturers & Tier-1/Tier-2 suppliers based out of India, China, Japan and South Korea. The interview length was around 30 minutes.

Project overview : Our client was a leading Research & Consulting company based out of UK. They were conducting a research study to understand how SME’s (Small and Medium Businesses) in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka perceive the future of international business growth.

Work approachThe project team interviewed 150 Business Managers across the 3 markets. The interviews were conducted on the phone and were 15 minutes in duration.

Project overview : A leading provider of Extended Enterprise Collaboration Solutions wanted us to gather views on VDR (virtual data room) applications in order to develop an efficient & more secure data sharing platform.

Work approach : The project team facilitated 100 telephonic interviews with Director level executives based out of India, China and Singapore. The average length of the interview was 15 minutes.

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